Friday, October 17, 2014

Demonstrating at Moye Center

Beverly and Heather G. demonstrated at the Moye Center in Castroville on Sunday, October 12 at their annual Heritage Fair.  It was a short but wonderful day to demonstrate with cool temperatures and a mild breeze.

The Moye Center offered a wonderful lunch of baked chicken, sausage, cole slaw, potato salad and beans for a modest fee. A soloist with a guitar entertained the crowd as visitors ate their lunches on the lawn of the center at long tables.  Nearby, potted plants were for sale. Despite the sizable crowd, there was a tranquil, happy atmosphere to the event.

Plants were not the only items for sale.  Wonderful baked goods as well as amazing hand worked items were sold inside the center.  Cross stitch, crochet, knitting and quilting were all available for sale in the sale room-it was quite crowded in there, and that was before things got started!  Two beautiful quilts were raffled off, (sadly I did not win one) and there was a large room dedicated to a silent auction with everything from hand crafts, to an old Singer sewing machine.  It was a wonderful experience which was enjoyed by all.

We sat outside on the porch to the main building demonstrating,  Beverly demonstrated bobbin lace as she wove another garter for the inevitable "next wedding".  And I worked on a needle lace sampler leaf.  We had quite a large crowd throughout the day, that stopped by to visit and see what we were doing. We were so busy that we only had time to take a couple of pictures after the crowd had thinned out.

Heather G.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tønder Class

Tønder Class
The Tønder class with Karen Thompson was a complete success! It began with a get-together with “finger foods,” delicious quiches, deviled eggs, pimiento cheese sandwiches, other cheeses, crackers, vegies, fruit, sweet desserts, and much more. This was accompanied by a stimulating program on the history of war lace from WWI followed by slides of the war laces in the Smithsonian collection. Karen has done invaluable study of the pieces and we greatly appreciate her sharing that knowledge with us.

Karen has studied Tønder under Karen Trend Nissen. We have books in our library by Karen Nissen with translations provided by Karen Thompson.

For the Tønder class itself Karen had offered 5 pattern choices covering multiple skill levels and provided us with cardstock prickings so that we could pre-prick and have our bobbins wound. She had brought a number of books for us to look through including a booklet published by lacemakers in Tønder and other parts of Denmark as a fund-raiser. Karen Trend Nissen had taken old Tønder patterns and reworked them to develop prickings and “maps” for the booklet. Some of the class opted to try out patterns from the booklet. Some members are trying to find out how copies of the booklet could be obtained for lacemakers here.

We worked for three days and sadly said good-bye until the next time!

Sherry Mathers

Here a few of the pictures from the class.

Pat's lace

Sherry with her lace in progress
Heather N. hard at work

Karen's lace from the first day of class.

Karen's lace from the 2nd day of class.

Karen's lace from the third day of class.

Pat's work in progress.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hinojosa Lace and Upcoming Events

While at convention I took a class in Hinojosa lace with Sylvie Nuygen.  I chose the egg sampler to learn this amazing lace.  Here is the finished product.
Afterward, I was able to purchase a few more books of Hinojosa lace from Maria Proventure.  I have now begun to make a lace fan.  The results may differ from this lovely piece, since I am using a larger thread.  I love color, and sewing threads come in such a great variety of colors that I simply could not resist a turquoise green with silver.  I am trying to use fewer pairs, but the results are, at this point, still a work in progress.  After all I have just begun!

I am posting our upcoming events for the next several month.  Many things will probably be added in the days/months to come.  Our weekly Lacing Play Days may be changing, so I have not included them, yet.  I'll be posting updated versions as they become available.


October 12                              Demonstrating at Moye Center
October 18     10-2pm             Business Meeting at JoAnn’s
October 25      11-4                 Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G.
November 1    9-4                    Demonstrating at Living History Fair in Lytle
November 15   10-2pm           Business Meeting (location to be determined)
December 6-8                          Bette Manfre Class-Cantu
January 17,      10-2                Business Meeting (location to be determined)
January 31,      11-4                Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G.
February 21      10-2               Business Meeting (location to be determined)
February 21-22,                      Brenham Retreat-Ant Street Inn
February 27-March 2,             Ulricke Voelcker class-French Laces
February 28    11-4pm            Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G
March 21         10-2                Business Meeting (location to be determined)
March 28         11-4pm           Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G.
April 18           10-2                Business Meeting (location to be determined)
April 25           11-4pm           Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G.
May 2-4,                                  Louise Colgan class-Milanese
May 16           10-2                  Business Meeting (location to be determined)
May 30           11-4pm            Lacing at Tri Point with Heather G.

Not much I know, but I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Needle Lace

Ah, my second foray into needle lace.  Last year, (in November perhaps?) Kay taught our group s couple of the basic stitches of needle lace.  After seeing some of the lovely needle lace projects at the I.O.L.I. Convention, I was motivated to try this lace again.  My first project was fair, my second was DREADFUL!  My third,was ok.  I am on my way!
My first needle lace project 

If you are looking for instruction on needle lace, may I suggest you check out, needlelacetalk.ning.com.  It is a sight dedicated completely to needle lace.  They have wonderful links and suggestions for books to learn the first stitches.  There are groups for beginners needle lace, Amelia Ars, Gros Point, Pags lace and so much more.  It is so worth joining, so go check it out.  Be sure to check out the Guild of Needle Laces, it is based in Great Britian and has wonderful beginner and intermediate booklets as well as really cute beginner kits to purchase.
                                                          My second lace attempt-ugh!!

             My latest attempt-better!         
I'm off to work on my next sampler, a leaf this time. I hope I have learned from these attempts!
Heather G.          

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Cantu Lace Piece Begun

Here is a Classic Cantu piece that I have begun a few days ago, (okay, it was started over a month ago) I'll be ready for Bette Manfre's Cantu class in December.

But, Ihave begun to realize that I have that so common ailment which strikes crafters of all kinds, UFOD.  Yes, Unfinished Object Disorder.   It is a serious disorder! Not only did I begin this beautiful Cantu lace,

 but I have also have begun a Teneriffe lace piece in order to learn this lovely needle lace style.

I already have an unfinished Ipswich lace piece (not pictured) as well as a Bedfordshire piece from my class with Jean Leader at the I.O.L.I. 2014 convention. 

As well as my Hinojosa lace from my class at the convention.

And now I plan to work on a new project to learn needle lace.  I have a serious problem, but I'm not sure if I need or want help! Perhaps it's time to place myself on project restriction....

Nah, we have a Tønder class with Karen Thompson coming up in September! Can't wait!  

We still a couple slots left open, so reserve your place for this class on September 13-15!

Heather G.

Friday, August 8, 2014

More of I.O.L.I. Convention

Tuesday had the luncheon where Karen Thompson gave an amazing talk about war lace and the Belgium during World War I.  This picture is of one of the prices of lace she discussed.  It is not from the event, but from my visit to the Smithsonian.  My photos during Karen's lecture did not turn out well.  

Wednesday, I took the tour of The Lace Museum and Lacis.  

The Lace Museum is in a small strip mall in Sunnyvale, about 2 hours from Sacramento.  If you ever get the chance to, you must see this wonderful little museum. My simple descriptions cannot do justice to this wonderful place

They had lace tablecloths and table runners in pont de gaze hanging on the walls like enormous fine paintings,  a dress made out of point de gaze adorned a mannequin, a crochet bedspread lay across the central table, a delicate Alencon collar draped across the seat of a wooden chair.  Glass cases lined the wall filled with bobbin and needle lace collars, cuffs and doilies.  It was like walking into a lace makers fantasy.  A magnificent war lace toble topper lay carefully protected atop a flat file cabinet which was full of magical pieces such as a tatted bead shawl and hair lace floral sprays and a hair lace vest.

 I am sorry that I cannot share photos of these marvels with you, but the museum has a strict policy of publishing photos, and I have not received permission to release my photos.  But I must admit that my pictures simply do not do justice to this increadable museum dedicated to lace.

By the time we made it to lacis, our time was limited and I spent all of my time shopping for books, bits of lace, and lace supplies.  It was wonderful to shop for all the items that I must shop online for.  

Friday night was the banquet where Lia Baumeister-Jonker shared her amazing collection of antique lace.

This convention has been fabulous!  If you get the chance to attend an I.O.L.I. Convention, you will not be sorry.  I plan on attending the next on in Coralville, Iowa.  I hope to see you there.

Heather G

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I.O.L.I. 2014 Convention

The I.O.L. I. Convention has been amazing so far.

We arrived to the hotel in Sacramento and spent most of our first day visiting with friends from around the world, many of whom we are able to see only at the convention each year.

On Sunday morning we registered for the convention and received our nametags, meal tickets, schedules, and information packets.

Lining the walls of the information area were worktables stacked with items donated from vendors and guild members from around the United States and the world. Many of these items were handmade for this event to use to raffle off during the convention.  So many items were donated, over 178 wonder things,  that it was decided the drawings would be held daily instead of three times during the convention.  These items included a cookie pillow stand, a bolster pillow, Bobbin rolls, Bobbin cases, bobbins, gift baskets of all kinds, crocheted doilies and shawls, and even knitted lace shawls.

Each of us scurried around to purchase tickets for the drawing to get our chance at winning some of these treasures.  Then we joined the other attendees in waiting for the vendor room to open. The vendor room is a lace makers paradise filled with bobbins of every shape and color,  threads of every size and color lined the walls, there were pillows boaster pillows cookie pillows at the foam pillows, pillow bags, cover cloths in all shapes colors and decorations. And let's not forget the books.  Hundreds of books lay on long tables across the room. It was all wonderful fun exciting and overwhelming.  Beverly, Sherry, and I all scurried around the room and hopes of finding the perfect treasure before someone else snapped it up.

That evening at the opening dinner, entertainers dressed in 1849 garb entertained us with a lively skit and a bit of sleight-of-hand magic. Perfect end to a very lively day.

On Monday we began a full and busy day of classes, interspersed with runs to the fabled vendors room to make more purchases. And to purchase more raffle tickets for more chances at the wonderful items lining the walls.

Monday evening brought the teachers showcase. An event that allows the teachers to show their works of lace. Here are a few pictures I was able to snap off during the teacher showcase.
Beverly and Sherry admiringly Gillian Dye's lace

Karen Thompson, showing her Ipswich lace, with Sherry

Holly Van Sciver with Sherry 
That's all for today.