Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Days of the I.O.L.I. Convention

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Between computer issues and confusion with Blogger I have been delayed. 

The convention in Iowa was wonderful!  Six days spent with other lacers from all over the world and across the U.S.A. is a wonderfully exhausting, exciting, exhilarating and fun adventure.  
Once I got settled into my room, I returned to the lobby to look for friends from around the country who had arrived.  It was so nice to see teachers from classes I had taken as well as friends I so rarely get to see.

On Monday night we enjoy a lovely dinner in the ball room to welcome all the conventioneers. Karen Thompson joined us at our table along with other friends from earlier conventions. 

Though the dinner was wonderful, everyone really wanted to get into the main event, the vendors room.  Time to shop, shop, shop for all things lace!  Books, threads, bobbins (one vendor had bobbins made from a 3-D machine-fascinating!), vintage lace, pillows, pillow cases, patterns as too much more than I can recall
 Tuesday we began our classes.  Amy, Sherry and Heather N. took Milanese in the morning.  Amy took Russian tape lace while Sherry and Heather N. took another class of Milanese.  I took Idrija.

Next to the vendors room was the lace display room with the most amazing collection of lace on display for the attendees to examine.
That's all for today.  More tomorrow.
Heather G.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lacing with Heather at Tri Point

On the last Saturday of each month, Heather sets up at Tri Point to demonstrate lace and teach those who are interested in learning bobbin lace.  If you are interested in joining Heather to demonstrate, or want to learn how to make lace, contact the Alamo Bobbin Lacers at alamobobbinlacers@yahoo.com. Heather will connect with you, tell you what supplies you need and where to find them.  She will help you get started, teaching you the basics as well as give assistance on other bobbin lace projects you are working on.

Here are a couple of pictures of Heather and Janette laughing and lacing.

Monday, June 29, 2015

FolkLife Festival and Finished Projects

Here are a few more photos from the Folklife Festival.
Amy working on her scarf

Janette's Milanese crescent moon and Janette talking about bobbin lace at the festival.

Here are some photos of lace pieces finished by Alamo Bobbin Lacers members.

Pat's snowflake from Vera Cockuyt's class in Austin

JoAnn's finished fan from Louise Colgan's class in February.

Karen's snowflake from Vera Cockuyt's class

Sherry's finished Tonder (a Danish Lace)sample. Made with 120/2 Egyptian cotton; the gimp is 50/2 Bockens linen.  The pattern is called "Bellis" wich is a European wildflower.  It is from the book "Fra Kathrines Knipleskrin" by Karen Trend Nissen.  There is also a circle "Bellis" pricking in the book.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Demonstrating at The Institute of Texan Culture's 2015 The Folklife Festival

What Fun!  Every year we have been fortunate to demonstrate at the Folklife Festival given by The Institute of Texan Culture.  If you have never experienced this wonderful event, it is filled with foods and performances from many of the diverse cultures which call this area home.  There are food booths from the cultural societies originating from Belgian, Hawaii, Japan, Germany, and many more.  Sub cultures are also represented such as the Wendish from Germany and the Cajun's from Louisana,  You can tour the museum and see people of the Canary Islands making pulled thread lace, quilters quilting, rug hookers making rugs and many, many more.  The Alamo Bobbin Lacers were on the first floor of the museum.  We showed our lace off to visitors and showed how bobbin lace was made.
Dori's display of lace flowers and a baby booty.

Part of Saturday's display of lace.

More of Saturday's display.
And we also had a wonderfully talented master tatter join us in demonstrating lace making. She was wearing some of her amazing beaded tat jewelry. 

Barbara's tatted bracelet.

Sherry, Barbara and JoAnn

Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Pictures from Louise Colgan's Class

Here are a few more pictures from Louise Colgan's class.
Heather N. pulling out pins from her finished teacup.
Heather G's teacup in progresss

Andree's black aqnd silver cresent moon

Janette's pink and lavendar cresent moon

Thursday, May 14, 2015

More finished items

It is always so nice to see what people in our group have finished.  Here are a few more items that   Karen H. finished from the French Lace class and from our Tonder class last year.

 Barjac Ombree

Karen wearing another Barjac Ombree piece she finished

Karen's finished Tonder lace

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Louise Colgan Workshop

Louise's workshop was, once again, a wonderful event.  This year Louise also taught Bucks Point to one of the attendees, who was making a fan Louise designed.

Louise Colgan with her students at her workshop. May 2015 

JoAnn's Bucks point fan in progress

Beverly's white and gold Celtic cross

Louise instructing Andree on her new moon

JoAnn and Judy hard at work

Beginning lacers Tonya and Janette starting their first Milanese project, the moon.

And a few of the students were able to finish their projects that were in progress from earlier classes.

Heather N. completed her tea cup to go with her teapot.
Beverly finished her Celtic cross

Heather G. finished her teapot.

It was a very successful workshop.  As with all workshops, the participants endured stiff necks, aching backs and tired eyes to learn everything Louise had to teach us about her designs.  It was Wonderful!

Louise will be returning next May, so mark your calendars and make plans to attend.  Louise will be offering other types of lace next year.  So watch your newsletters or contact the Alamo Bobbin Lacers at alamobobbinlacers @yahoo.com for more info.